1. kamontari:

    Thank you M Sarno Industries!


  2. marvelentertainment:


    Calling all Cosplayers - it’s time to show off your Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” costumes!

    Just send a photo of yourself dressed as your favorite Marvel character via Skype file share to Skype ID: Guardians_Cosplay

    • Top entrants will be asked to submit a Skype video message while in…
  3. myjoycoy:

    More #abqcomicexpo photos! Celestia squared by Evil M. #ace2014 #ace14 #cosplay #cosplayer #mlp

  4. thecomickidphotography:

    Albuquerque Comic Expo Highlights Day 1

    Photography By The Comic Kid Photography

  5. thecomickidphotography:

    Albuquerque Comic Expo Day 2 Highlights.

    Photography By The Comic Kid Photography

  6. thecomickidphotography:

    Highlights from Albuquerque Comic Expo Day 3

    Photography by The Comic Kid Photography

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    Oh god there was 4 of them O_o

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    Natty, Ms. Clark Kent, is ready for #ACE2014 #Superman #ClarkKent #comic #cosplay

  9. gothiccharmschool:

    Let’s turn on the juice and see what shakes loose 

    I don’t remember Beetlejuice looking quite so … dashing? Brooding? But I’m not complaining.

    (Source: soladevin)

  10. comicbookcosplay:

    Delirium and Death from The Sandman

    Cosplayer: Redrose & her daughter Valkyrie 

    Submitted by redrose6690 

  11. archiemcphee:

    Thai cosplay enthusiast Anucha “Cha” Saengchart runs an awesome Facebook page called Lowcostcosplay which demonstrates one of our favorite things about cosplay, anyone can do it, no matter what their budget. He takes this empowering principle one step farther by declaring that “Everything is Cosplay” and demonstrate it by assembling fantastic costumes using pretty much anything he can find around his home, and we do mean anything. Looking through his photos you’ll spot pieces of plastic furniture, food, food packaging, blankets, sheets, household utensils, flour, paint, construction paper, wires and so on. The only limit is his own resourcefulness. It’s all about fun and creativity.

    Since the page was establish last year, Lowcostcosplay now has over 100,000 followers, many of whom contribute photos of homemade budget costumes of their own.

    Visit Lowcostcosplay to check out many more of Saengchart’s fantastic (and fantastically inexpensive) costumes as well as those of his equally resourceful contributors.

    [viaKotaku and Lowcostcosplay]

  12. rebel666:

    Mass Effect - Volus

    Made/Worn by Jerry LaRussa of Blackleaf Creative

    (Credits - 1st photo: Felix Wong Photography, 2nd photo: Evil Benius, 3rd photo: Matt Zeher)

    (via fuckyeah-masseffect)

  13. carlosadama:



    Fantastic Domino cosplay by the amazing Black CatPhoto by E Photography.

    This is so spot on. I thought they were sketches at first. Brava!

    There are some exceptional cosplayers down in Australia. Gotta make it down there, someday.


    and yeah, Australian cosplayers are amazing. They really help me push my cosplay photography to the next level and everyone I met was lovely

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  14. lightning-st0rm:

    "I know a little of what that’s like, to have every door shut in your face." — Captain America: The First Avenger
    Can I just say how much I love Peggy Carter? She takes nothing and is so strong even when there was so much working against her succeeding in a world which was very much dominated by men.
    These were taken a while ago and due to the rain, the quality was always a bit iffy. But I recently revisited these photos and fell in love with some of them all over again. 

    Agent Peggy Carter | Photography [x]

    (Source: theladysasha, via comicbookcosplay)

  15. foxrots:

    Tank Girl: Excarlabur

    Photographer: Shotgun Photography

    some of the shots from yesterday, cosplayed at a random MyPhone event, still super fun. Always wanted to do Tank Girl so this small event was perf.

    for more of this and other cosplays like my page: https://www.facebook.com/excarlabur

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